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Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing well and safe . In this epidemic situation , we are celebrating various things in limited ways. Our culture and traditions teach a lot of things to us. But do we know about it? What does it actually means ? what are its importance ,value? Indian culture is full of different surprises. It contains a lot of things. Let’s have an insight into it.

Firstly, lets start with  learning about “ Culture “.


NO DEFINITION AND A SINGLE MARK OF ITS ESSENCE YET TO GIVE A PROPER INTRODUCTION TO INDIAN CULTURE. It can be a medium for different organisations or communities. As a result , they can express themselves. Moreover ways can be :

  • Language
  • Art
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Social habits
  • Customs
  • Political institutions
Indian Culture| Indian Diversity|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani

note the point :

None of above is separately culture . But collectively they give an glimpse of life . Neverthless that can be CULTURE.

Although , there is no culture without civilisation. Or we can say culture is production of civilisation.

The present Indian culture is a composite one . As a matter of fact, it symbolises UNITY IN DIVERSITY.

Diversity in terms of religion……..in terms of regions ……..in terms of languages …….so on……..

Indian Culture| Religions |Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani

Cultural movements is one part of country . That cast their shadows on another through extent of their popularity.In many ways , geography of India has affected her culture . For instance ,

the spirit of tolerance has been fostered:

both directly and indirectly.

The fundamental thing about culture is its intimate association with historic development .

INDIAN CULTURE In words of Aurobindo :

“ India’s constant effort has been  to find a basis of living in the higher spiritual truth . And to live from the spirit onwards .”

Culture is an celestial message of spirit .That flows above the most violent upheavels . Or remains hidden in shadow for generations . Although patiently awaiting the opportunity of claiming its right to live.

Indian Culture| Indian Happiness|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani

This is all about culture . I hope you all have understand that our culture has its own value and importance. Secondly, lets discuss Its features and essence briefly.


Our culture mainly characterised through different features.

Lets have a look on some of them in little bit detail.


It is a proud fact that :

Indian culture which has developed during the course of several centuries . That is the only surviving culture of the world.

In addition to it , It is the one which has not changed for many thousand years. India and China have, in fact , the oldest continuous cultural tradition of the world.The complete culture has been growing , changing and developing. In accordance with the needs of time . As a result , it has not lose its essential spirit.

Indian Culture| Indian Dances|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani


The tolerance of differnced of opinion and essentials within its own fold or outside itself. It is an essential characteristics of Indian Culture. It is also manifested in Philosophical doctrines named Anekantvad. That means, The concept of one in many. Tolerance has saved our culture from conflicts. Moreover , made our culture greatly enriched in everything.

Indian Culture| Indian Unity|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani


This is the most important feature of Indian Culture. Positive attitude is the key of its growth. A student of Indian Culture learns its principles,contents and characteristics. He can find that Indian culture has manifested itself from different traditions. In religious countries like India, Some of the deities are worshipped . Moreover , as a symbol of growth and welfare of their traditions and culture. The positive outlook has changed India’s culture through past ages .

Indian Culture| Respect All |Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani


Such an attractive point come now. You know Catholicity is the most attractive essence of Indian Culture.Indian Culture has room for all . It is “totalitarian” in accepting everything. Moreover , through a deep understanding of ultimate reality.

Infact,it can be said that : enrichment of Indian (Hindustani) culture has been achieved through its catholicity.

Indian Culture|  Beauty|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani


For everything, there must have been a universal appeal. Today, it is vital element in the world. The vision of India is Indian only in sense that it was formulated by minds . Undoubtedly minds must belongs to Indian soil. The value of this vision does not reside in any tribal characteristics. Moreover,in those elements of Universality which appeal to the whole world.

Indian Culture|Tradition|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani

Also , our culture is characterised by harmony , what the Vedas called the “Rta”.The Indian culture, therefore seeks a wider harmony. In together with preserving the truths of material science and its real utility.

Our Culture has a fundamental unity.Inspite of different languages , customs , political disunity ,etc. A uniform cultural stamp has been printed upon literature and thoughts of all differents parts of India.

Indian Culture| Culture|Dream To Passion|Tannu Rani

Our culture is our pride. We have to respect every culture, every thought. Our country is full of new enrichments and developments.So, explore your knowledge about our your country “India”. The composite culture of India is a living example of her fundamental cultural unity. And we have to maintain and grow it by giving our contribution.

For today, this is all we discuss about our Indian culture . It is very essential for to respect our culture ..And for more insights into our country’s  pride and beauty .

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