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I hope you are all doing well . The year 2020 has brought various problems in front of us . But Its very proud moment to say that in this pandemic when everything is gonna down and everyone is free. No one hide themselves.

โ€œEvery child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.โ€

Pabblo Picasso

this is something that brings a innovation inside our heart . and we started to follow our dreams .

I am very sure you all have something inside your childist heart. That will be grooming inside you. Finally you got an opportunity to showcase your talent . Whether it is dance , singing,sketching,painting and so on.

basically in todays blog we are gonna discuss something related to our passion ……

so lets begin…


Art is something that turns imaginations into reality throug different methods….

  • sketching
  • crafting
  • drawing
  • calligraphy
  • so on…….

Art is not just related to like drawing thingss..

According to me –

Art can be expressed by any way through dancing ,singing,poetry…

As our Indian culture represents a lot of things . All the activities are integrated and give a beautiful presentation to our arts world . May be because of our uniqueness and soulful connecting ideas..INDIAN CULTURE IS CONSIDERED AS THE OLDEST AND FASTEST GROWING CULTURE IN THE WORLD.

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